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The Seven Principles Of Web Site Design

Good web site design calls for the following principles:

 1.      Keep it simple. Avoid the “ransom note” look with a variety of colors and font sizes and letters that are too big. Don’t feel that you have to squeeze everything into one page.

2.      Make it easy to navigate. The best web site design involves having a site that has well organized content. People do not need to spend their time trying to figure out how to get from page to page. The rule is that users should be able to get from the home page to the information they want in no more than three clicks.

3.      Images should be small and fit into the overall plan. The colors should fit into the basic color scheme. If necessary, build the color scheme around an image if you really need to use that image.

4.      Avoid too many special effects. Animation and 3D graphics can be distracting and annoying. Web site design is most effective when it is understated.

5.      Be consistent from page to page. It is annoying to have the navigation buttons in different positions on each page. If you have the home button on the top left part of the page sometimes and on the bottom right sometimes people will get frustrated and leave rather than go on a button hunt on each new web page they visit on your web site.

6.      Keep it fast-loading. People spend less and less time waiting for a page to load. Javascript and other programming elements can add pizzazz to your page but only up to a point. The bottom line regarding web site design is to make it enticing and easy for people to visit. Think about someone with a slow connection or someone a hurry. Web site elements flashing in their face and popping up at them can be very very annoying.

7.      Make it worth visiting. You can have the most beautiful web site design  imaginable but if you have nothing on your site to keep people there or make them want to come back, then you have wasted a lot of time and money.

These seven principles underlie any good web site design. How you implement each of these principles is up to you. The order is not all that important. Content is necessary to keep people there but with terrible fonts, who can read the content. Fast loading is great but if the colors are abominable when you do get it loaded, then the fast loading pages are not going to help all that much. Each of these principles are equally important in the overall scheme of things.

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