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The HTML source code for the template is at the bottom of this page. Just copy and paste the code in the body of your new about.htm page to make getting started easier.

About [Your Company's Name]

Your Company's Name lets you

  • benefit of using product or services
  • benefit of using product or services (optional)
  • benefit of using product or services (optional)

Meet [your business's name]'s Customers

Tip: Even though this page is ostensibly about you, you should still make sure that it is focused on highlighting benefits to your visitors rather than your own great qualities per se. Talk about how you resolve all problems rapidly, rather than talking about how you have a great helpdesk system.

Your Company's Name's Mission

  • ost important goal for serving customers
  • 2nd most important goal for serving customers (optional)
  • 3rd most important goal for serving customers (optional)

Tip: Even though as a business your main goal is to make money, you don't have to write that down as a mission. Instead, summarize the benefits you can bring customers, but in a more general, abstract way than in the last paragraph.

Your Company's Name proudly serves

  • 1st most important customer or group
  • 2nd most important customer or group
  • 3rd most important customer or group

Tip: try to be as inclusive as reasonably possible, but don't try to be all things to all people. If there is one demographic segment (say, small business owners, women, or chess fans) that makes up a large majority of your customers, you should mention that, since your future customers are most likely to grow out of your existing customer base, and customers want to feel like you are focused on their needs.

The People of Your Company's Name

  • Most important characteristic/qualification of workforce
  • 2nd most important characteristic/qualification of workforce

Tip: accentuate traits that will seem like benefits to your site's visitors. Even if your people's best attribute is that they work late at the office, you'd be better off mentioning their dedication, experience, and creativity.

The History of Your Company's Name

  • Founding date and circumstances
  • Major milestones of growth
  • Major achievements
  • Present-day organization (partnership, corporation, privately owned, non-profit)
  • Ownership (sole proprietorship, family-owned, partner-owned, privately joint-owned, publicly traded)

Tip: If you started your company two months ago, don't mention that fact. Instead, talk about the combined experience of your staff, or what drove you to start your business. An old fall back is to say that your company has X years of experience, with X being the combined total of all your and your associates' work history.

However, even if you have one of the oldest businesses in town, potential customers are still going to be more interested in what you can do for them rather than in you yourself. If your history is truly noteworthy, by all means write a separate article about it and give it its own page. You could even distribute it as a free article or press release to generate publicity and links back to your site. Just keep the history on your "about" page brief.

Your Company's Name

Your business's address
Your business's country (if not a local business)

Note: Displaying your physical address online helps to establish you as trustworthy and "real." It is not a bad thing to include your contact information at the end of each page. It merits being on your "about us" page if for no other reason than that a business's location is generally considered an important fact.

Tip: Place your contact information in an image to avoid it being snatched by data-harvesting bots for spammers, junk mailers, and telemarketers. In the "alt" text of the image, you can spell out your contact information this way: c o n t a c t u s AT Your Company DOT com, one eight eight eight one two three four five six seven... B O S T O N comma M A, etc. That way, it will still be "visible" to people who use a text-to-speech program to browse the web.

Tip: If you cannot provide complete address and telephone number, include city, state, and country along with email address. But if you ever do any email campaigns, you will need to include a physical address. If you are not including your own address, or if your location is not zoned for your business or activity, you may want to consider buying a mail drop or post office box.

HTML Source Code for "About Us" Page Template

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