Customer Story/Case Study
Web Page Content Template

The HTML source code for the template is at the bottom of this page. Just copy and paste the code in the body of your new case study/customer story pages to make getting started easy.

Customer Story: [customer's name]

[Quotation from customer]

Customer Profile: [customer's name]

[Description of customer]


If the customer is a business, talk about things like the business’s:

  • market area
  • special competitive strengths
  • company ownership and history

If the customer is an individual, talk about things like the individual’s:

  • general reasons for interest in your product or service; for example, if you’re selling
  • gardening tools, you could say, “Jim prides himself on his rare varieties of tulips”

personal information such as likes and dislikes, family, occupational field, and hometown

[customer's name]'s Challenges and Goals

[Description of customer’s problem, challenge or goal]

How [your product or service's name] helped [customer's name] succeed

[Description of how your product or service solved the problem or helped the customer meet the goal]

Success! [Customer's name]'s Accomplishments since Using [your product or service's name]

[Description of what the customer has accomplished as a result of using the product or service]

[Customer's name]'s Plans for the Future

[Description of the customers' future plans for their relationship with you, or how the customers plan to use your product or service in the future.]

[Closing quotation from customer]


You just have to show how you did your work well and satisfied the customer. Case studies don’t have to be longer than the standard web page length of 300-500 words. In fact, if you're targeting consumers, a case study/customer story longer than 500 words probably won't get read much. Business case studies might be longer, with each section taking up as much as 500 words, but they don’t have to be long, either. Remember, most people won’t read past 500 words of a web page even if you gave them an entire book’s worth of content.

Be sure to get your customers’ permission in writing (an email should suffice) before writing about them. There’s no legal obligation for you to do this (assuming you haven’t made any nondisclosure agreements and your privacy policy isn’t too broad), but you’re asking for trouble if you don’t.

If you can’t get a customer to consent to being identified as one of your customers, approach a customer you have a good relationship with, and ask to write a case study about them that removes all identifying information as well as any information that could be useful to a competitor (if the customer is a business). Make it clear that they get to sign off on and veto any case study before it is shown to anyone. Few businesses, even in the most secretive fields, could not find at least one customer who would consent to being profiled if the information were vague enough. After all, the real subject of the case study is your business, not the customer.

HTML Source Code for Customer Story/Case Study
Web Page Content Template

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