Features At A Glance...

Yes, you get everything for only $19.98 per month.

Hosting Services

Carrier Class Site Hosting Yes
Disk Space for Storing Uploaded Files 50 MB

Web Site Building

Web Site Templates 1750+
Customizable Templates Yes
Web Page Layouts 35
Easy "Point & Click" Interface Yes
Multimedia Support Yes
WYSIWIG Interface Yes
One-Click Publishing Yes
HTML Publisher Yes
Stock Photos 2000+
Ability to Use Own Photos and Images 500
Site Manager Yes

Customer Support

eMail Support (same day or next business day) Yes
Online Technical Help Documents Yes
Online Marketing Help Documents Yes
Searchable Knowledge Database Yes

Personalized Domain and eMail Accounts

Personalized POP3 eMail Accounts 5
Personalized Subdomain Name Yes
Option to Use Own Domain Name Yes
Customizable Web Page Names Yes

Standard Web Site Features

Number of Pages Included 500
Standard Web Pages (10 layouts) Yes
Photo Albums Yes
Catalogs (3 Layouts) Yes
Newsletters Yes
Photo Albums Yes
Guest Books Yes
Polls Yes
Feedback Forms Yes
Recommend Site to Friend Yes
Calendars Yes
Articles Yes
Message Board Yes
Press Releases Yes
Contacts Yes
Multimedia (for file uploads) Yes
Autoresponders Yes
Hours Yes
Links Yes
Maps Yes
Coupons Yes
Questions and Answers Yes
Quotes Yes
Page Redirect Yes
Site Map/Table of Contents Yes
Downloadable Files Yes
Password Protection Yes
Custom Meta Tags and Title Tags Yes

eCommerce Features

Product Spaces on Catalog Layouts 500
Integrated Shopping Cart Yes
PayPal Integration Yes
Online Credit Card Integration (,, Virtual Terminal option) Yes
eBay Integration Yes
Starfield Security Certificates Yes
Order Management Yes
Automated Sales System for eBook or downloadable sales Yes
Express Checkout On/Off Option for Frequent Customers Yes

Security and Reliability

Firewall Including Backup Firewallt Yes
99.5% Uptime Guaranteed Yes
24/7 System Checking - 60 Times Per Hour for Each Service Yes
Dedicated server facilities Yes
Secondary/Backup mail server Yes
On-site backup power generators Yes
Backup database server Yes
Regular on-site backup Yes
5 days per week off-site backup Yes
RAID (multiple backup hard drives within a server) Yes
Enterprise Class Hard Drives Yes
Backup File Servers Yes
Redundant Cooling - Back Up Air Conditioning
(For Server Room)


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