News Article/Press Release/Announcement
Web Page Content Template

The HTML source code for the template is at the bottom of this page. Just copy and paste the code in the body of your news article/press release/announcement pages to make getting started easier.

[headline of your news article, press release or announcement]

by [writer's name--you can also just use your company's name, or your company's name followed by the word "staff"]

[Overview, in a few sentences, of the article.]

[Straightforward description of the important event, no more than 500 words. Include quotations, along with the name of the person who made them and his or her role/title.]

About [Author's name]

[brief biography of the writer of the article, if you identified an actual person as the writer.]About [your company's name]

[brief 2-3-sentence description of what your company does]
[link to your website]


  • Press releases are traditionally written in an extremely dry style. But web press releases don't have to be like that--after all, your primary goal is to get web surfers to read the release itself, not just reporters (or bloggers or whoever else might write about your business). If you really are writing a press release whose primary purpose is to be distributed to reporters, by all means, make it read like a traditional dry press release.
  • Avoid promotional or marketing language or hype. This information is supposed to be believable, so make it sound like a disinterested party wrote it.
  • Variations of the news page include announcements, updates, and alerts.

News/Press Release/Announcement Template HTML Source code

This source code is for the main body of the page--not the entire web page. It contains no header or sidebar information.

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