The Best Website Development Tool

The most effective website development tool you can use is the plug-in. Plug-ins are mini programs that can perform any number of tasks for your website. These tasks might be small or large, depending on the plug-in.

Using a simple plug-in is an ideal website development tool because each one can do so much for your site. The great part is that most are free to download and use. Lots of programmers write them and you can go to right their sites to download them. The following are some of the most popular and most effective plug-ins.

A great website development tool to have is one that can record your website’s statistics. This allows you to track the clicks on your site to see which pages are most popular with your viewers. This will enable you to create content that best fits your audience’s interests.

You will also want to include some spam-fighting software to your site. Naturally, there are a number of plug-ins which can perform this task. Spam looks bad on websites, but is almost inevitable. Luckily, anti-spam plug-ins are much smarter than in previous years and are able to catch most, if not all, of the spam messages and comments you receive. For this reason, an anti-spam plug-in is an essential website development tool.

Another useful plug-in to have is one that can execute PHP code. If you are one to add code to your website, this is an ideal website development tool. However, for better or worse, understanding and writing code is not necessary for creating a workable website. If you do know some code, it is a great tool to have.

If you are worried about losing your content, be sure to find a database backup plug-in. This website development tool will compile all of the information on your site’s database into a zip file. You can then have this file automatically sent to your email or stored to your primary computer. Using this tool, you don’t have to worry about losing all of your hard work.

A website development tool that will improve your site’s overall running speed is a cache tool. This type of tool will create a file on the user’s server with some information on it so that it does not have to resend this information each time the user clicks on a new page. This can greatly speed up the load times of your site, especially if your site is large.

Finally, a great plug-in to have is one that will improve your search engine ranking. Many different types exist and each one can add to SEO. Notably there are robots managers and sitemap generators. Each website development tool is useful in allowing search engine spiders onto your site so they can accurately gather the information about your site that they need.

If you have not yet begun to include plug-ins to your website, you are strongly encouraged to give them a try. The above options do not begin to scratch the surface of the many useful plug-ins available. Get online and search for more that will work to improve your website.

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